Reynard Devlog #19 – Santa Boss, Zombies and More (0.9.0)

Ho-ho-ho! Christmas is around the corner and Santa has come to visit Foen!


Since it’s December and Christmas is around the corner I wanted to add some Christmas spirit to 
Reynard’s universe.

Luckily, last week Elthen came to the stream and said “hi” (He’s a fellow dude that draws some of the pixel art that we’re using in Reynard). I knew that I had an opportunity to influence his next drawing project and I kind of cheered for a fighting Santa. A week later Kung-fu Santa was made. So Elthen, thank you!

He became another boss influenced by the powerful Wizco’s magic! But you can bring him back to his senses if you free him from the spell (beat him). Players who can defeat him will be rewarded with Santa’s costume!

Santa is a first “seasonal boss” who can be fought from “12/12/Every Year” to “1/2/Every Year”. There will probably be more seasonal bosses in the future.

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Even though there are many enemies in Reynard, a zombie was a must! It fits into the dungeon environment perfectly!

Not only that; he’s good looking, he’s baddass… In a way. If you have any companions and the zombie kills them, they’ll turn into zombies!

He’s immune to necro and poison damage and is from now on a regular companion of Doctor Plague.

All Changes

  • [BOSS] Added a Santa Clause boss battle. Free him and unlock yourself a Santa’s costume. You can start the battle by interacting with the portal next to the fox hole. You’ll be able to fight Santa from 12/12/Every Year to 1/2/Every Year.
  • [ENEMY] Added a Zombie. Immune to poison and necro damage. When it kills its victim it restores 0.25 hp to itself and spawns a new zombie in its victim’s place.
  • [BALANCING] Doctor Plague now spawns Zombies and Skeletons. His movement speed was increased by 50%. He now has some companions from the beginning.
  • [MINOR] Removed a single pixel mistake on Reynard’s Santa costume 🙂
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed a bug where golems dropped golem’s fist instead of golem’s hand. (one is usable, the other is the actual weapon of the golem).
  • [BUGFIX] Wilson’s laser beam can now damage allies and companions.
  • [BUGFIX] Doctor Plague can now damage allies and companions.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed the bug when the stairs to secret room are spawned behind the indestructible objects.
  • [BUGFIX] Companion skeletons wouldn’t get transported to other levels.

In the upcoming week I’ll focus on boss battles, new enemies and new rooms! If you’d like to recommend anything, please let me know!

Till next time! Happy Santa saving 😀

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Reynard Devlog #18 – Tutorial, Death Cam, Chewie Companion, Skins and More (0.8.9)

Finally… A tutorial has been added. The game will now explains its basics in an “interactive” way.


When getting feedback from players, I’ve noticed that very few of them figured out all of the game’s mechanics.

Many players didn’t know that there is crafting in the game, that you can charge your attack or that your attacks don’t deal knockback once you run out of stamina.

That’s why I’ve finally created an interactive tutorial, which also adds some value to the story. Here’s its outcome (check Hammlet’s bruises in the featured photo).

Tutorial will start once you create a new profile.

Death Cam

I thought that it would be cool if you could see last 3 seconds of your life before you failed miserably. I’ve added an optional setting which enables GIF recorder… So you can have some laughs of your failed Prascilla rescue attempts.

On windows you’ll be able to find GIFs under: C:\Users\your_user\AppData\LocalLow\Hyper Fox Studios\Reynard

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Feedback for allies is positive and with this update we’re bringing in “Chewy”. He’s a demon-like creature which is immune to fire, deals fiery damage and when he’s not attacking he also breaks crates, pots and other breakable stuff. Which means that you won’t have to spend so much time and stamina on breaking stuff.

Here’s a gif from my testing session 😀


Since it’s Christmas season, I’m adding the skin which is Santa’s costume.

All Changes

  • [FEATURE] Tutorial section added. Every profile starts with a tutorial scene, which is skipable. Tutorial explains some of the lore so check it out 🙂
  • [FEATURE] You can now enable death camera. It will record 3 seconds before you died in a gif format.
  • [FEATURE] You can now change Reynard’s clothes… Santa’s costume added.
  • [ALLY] Chewy joined the ranks of allies!
  • [RECIPE] Golem’s Plate – Golem’s hand + Poor normal Armor Rune.
  • [INGREDIENT] Golem’s Hand – Dropped by golems.
  • [MINOR] Added SFX to forge, chest, bat, rat, item pickup, item drop.
  • [MINOR] Removed the “+” sign from weapon damage.
  • [MINOR] Added a darker “belt” of water around islands.
  • [MINOR] Edited the chapter of supporters.
  • [MINOR] XP slider not annoying anymore. It’s faster. Thank you VooGzy!
  • [BALANCING] Molten Helmet’s fire resist reduced from 100% to 75%.
  • [BALANCING] Buffed Ferdinand’s base attack damage from 1 to 1.5.
  • [BALANCING] Necro bow now shoots only 1 arrow has increase knockback, damage and crit chance.
  • [BALANCING] Bubba’s potion prices have been increased.
  • [BUGFIX] Removed Boom Joe from Foen and his immunity to ice.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed bugged acid rune.
  • [BUGFIX] Golden bomb now isn’t blown away from windy room.
  • [BUGFIX] Sometimes you could take items from shrine without paying.
  • [BUGFIX] Ferdinand’s SFX sound wouldn’t stop repeating in some case… even if you kill him.
  • [SPOILER ALERT!] Prascilla now appears back on the Island once you finish the game.

In the upcoming week I’ll focus on boss battles, new items and leaderboards… and bug fixes! If you’d like to recommend anything, please let me know!

Till next time! Happy dungeon crawling 😀

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Reynard Devlog #17 – Ferdinand, Improved Armor Runes, Bugfixes and More (0.8.8)

This is our first update since releasing Reynard on Steam. We call him Ferdinand. He’s the meanest of them… for now.


Ferdinand (the Minotaur) fills the void of not having a boss with a big area of effect (AOE) attack. Just by looking at Ferdinand, players will know that he’s a “tanky” and an agile boss. He has a few tricks up his sleeve so players will have to be careful when taking him head on.

With Ferdinand I’ve tried to include more environment in the boss battles. So without any major spoilers… When you’re gonna be fighting him, try using environment in your advantage.

Improved Armor Runes

Until now armor runes were providing only bare defense against different damage types. With this update, I’m introducing improved armor runes, which can reflect damage, slow enemies, burn them or even boost Reynard’s movements speed when he’s attacked.

From watching gamers play Reynard on Youtube, I’ve learned that the armors are introduced a little too late in the game. Here lies the reason why I’ve decided to add “Pepe – The Armor Merchant” to the basement’s secret room’s rotation.

All Changes

  • [BOSS] New boss Ferdinand joined Reynard!
  • [RECIPE] Crafted Wooden Bow – Wooden Stick + Ordinary Rope.
  • [RECIPE] Bull’s Horns Helmet – Copper Plank + Poor Normal Armor Rune.
  • [RECIPE] Book of the Dead – Common Companion Boost + Common Max Health Boost.
  • [RECIPE] Necro Bow – Bone + Ordinary rope.
  • [IMPORTANT] Added ability to armor runes. They can now reflect the damage, slow the attacker or increase Reynard’s movement speed…
  • [IMPORTANT] Companions will now stay with you until they die or the run ends.
  • [IMPORTANT] Added a “second” secret to the Foen island.
  • [BALANCING] Necro Staff’s recipe changed to “Bone + Poor Necrotic Damage Rune” + Increased the crit chance to 1%.
  • [BALANCING] Pepe can now spawn in the basement dungeon.
  • [BALANCING] Cobra’s poison projectile doesn’t have spreadable damage anymore.
  • [BALANCING] Golem’s health type set from “Ice” to “Normal”.
  • [BALANCING] Modified the Bubba’s prices.
  • [MINOR] Added dialogue to the axe on the island (It sounds weird but it’s not :D).
  • [MINOR] Stamina now refils on each scene change.
  • [MINOR] Added Prascilla’s Idle animation.
  • [MINOR] Renamed some Bronze stuff to Copper.
  • [BUGFIX] “Return” button now works as a confirm.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed the bug when Wilson’s Beam wouldn’t stop playing when you die.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed the double confirm button press in the dialogue.

I’ll add the first player who figures out how to pull the axe out from the stump to the book of credits! 😀

Since many new players have joined Reynard community and there is no official tutorial, I hope to have started one for next update. Expect more cool recipes, bosses and updates in the future. If you’d like to recommend something, please let me know!

Till next time! Happy dungeon crawling 😀

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Reynard – Available on Steam

Finally we’ve reached the milestone of releasing Reynard on Steam 😀

Last month I’ve been preparing everything for releasing Reynard on Steam. From filling out forms, helping to create a new trailer, promoting on social media, contacting curators and creating a dedicated website for Reynard. This all took a fair amount of time.

But it’s finally done… It’s released on Steam and we can’t wait to get feedback from more users. We’re already planning on adding new stuff to the game and working on stuff proposed by current players.

If you purchased Reynard through you are able to obtain your Steam key from your purchase page! If you’re having any troubles obtaining your key, please let us know!

Oh! I forgot to mention that Reynard came on Steam with a 20% discount!

Have fun saving Prascilla 😀

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Reynard Devlog #16 – New Crafting Recipes, Bugfixes and More (0.8.7)

Previous week I’ve had a lot of stuff going on… Grandpa passed away 🙁 and we’ve attended the SGC. On SGC we’ve received tons of valuable feedback for Reynard. This week I’ve decided to implement and fix some of the suggested stuff. Thus this update revolves around bugfixes, crafting recipes and other minor stuff.

New Crafting Recipes

We’ve added crafting to Reynard pretty early. It’s available from the beginning of the early access. But one thing is adding the system to the game and other thing is utilizing it. That’s why I’ve decided to start adding more interesting recipes and usable items to the game.

Until now you could only create a better version of the item if you placed 2 of the same items on the forge. But we want to add more stuff for the forge. We really want the player to be able to create something more powerful if he finds the material for it.

That’s why I’ve added more “Usable” items which are spawned as a loot drop from certain monsters and pots. For now I’ve added 3 new recipes and 5 new items:

  • Wooden Stick
  • Skeleton’s Bone
  • Blacksmith’s Ring
  • Necro Staff
  • Simon’s Staff
  • Poor Wooden Bow

Adding new recipes to Reynard’s crafting system!

I’m planning on adding special challenge rooms that will challenge the player’s skill, but will hold way better items and crafting components. But that’s in the future.

Other Changes

  • Added Simon’s staff and a recipe to create it on Forge.
  • Added Necro staff recipe… On 15th kill spawns a skeleton.
  • Fairy has 5 HP. She heals player for 1 point, but also damages herself for 1 point.
  • Added Poor wooden bow recipe. Breakable wooden bow.
  • Added Blacksmith’s ring. Once dropped on the forge, it repairs player’s equipment.
  • Rats now have 50% chance of fleeing when hurt.
  • Serpentino’s spit now has SFX and when you pass the bridge there is now an explosion sound.
  • Dexter roars before he enters the charging state, added sound effects for roar and charge.
  • Doctor plague now spawns skeletons more frequently and starts roaming sooner and has added sound effects for cast and attack.
  • Wilson Shoots laser beam in random direction.
  • Wizco now has more SFXes.
  • Modified all 100% resist armors that aren’t breakable. They don’t have 100% resist anymore.
  • Buffed the Xeno turret. Faster shooting rate and more damage.
  • Fixed the bug that didn’t spawn projectiles.
  • Fixed the layers of Forge and Pawn… The enemies can now walk on them.
  • Fixed the relic forging bug.
  • Confirm button is now the “dash” button.
  • Fixed the bug that didn’t save “usable” items.
  • Selected buttons now have a brighter color.
  • Shrines, libraries (mini shops) now show the cost of the item instantly.
  • Fixed the bug when Item preview didn’t open up if companions came close to the interactable object.
  • Fixed the bug when the stairs to secret room are spawned behind indestructible objects.

Expect more cool recipes and updates in the future. We’re also planning Reynard’s release on the steam in November! If you’d like to recommend something, please let me know!

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Reynard Devlog #15 – Achievements, Unlockables, New NPCs and Much More (0.8.6)

It’s been a while since I’ve released a new update for Reynard! I’ve been working on it every day… This game dev log is about an update bigger than any other (till now)! It brings achievements, unlockables, allies, new enemies and much more!

Achievements and Unlockables

I focused on elements for triggering “one more round” effect. Here lies the reason why I’ve added achievements and a new “unlockables” system.

If you’d like to check out your achievement progress you can enter Reynard’s house and interact with a bookshelf. Achievements window will pop up and show you your current progress. Once you fulfill the requirements for unlocking the achievement, you’ll get notified about it by a notification message. Currently there are 18 achievements such as: “Prascilla I’m coming!”, “Exterminator”, “Speed runner”, “Blacksmith” and more.

I think that achievements add a nice “replay” value to the game.

Achievements panel.

Other major thing that I’ve redesigned is the weapon drop system. Every player profile starts with a basic pool of weapons that can appear in the chests. Everytime you level up, this pool expands with better weapons.

New NPCs

To spice things up, I’ve added some new NPCs. Not one, but 4!


  • Goblin is really fast and always in a group. He can steal player’s gold. They can be found in “stair” rooms.
  • Dwarf is powerful, fast and deals a massive knockback. Usually found in the winter’s dungeon.


Sometime you’ll stumble upon an adventurer or a fairy… Tied all up… Left for dead. Heck… If you’re not fast enough, the enemies will kill these poor tied up victims. But if you save them, they’ll follow you and help you through dungeon.

  • Max is an adventurer with a sword, with a solid amount of health.
  • Fairy is… well… fairy. Save her and she’ll slowly heal you.

I think that I’ll be adding more allies in the future… Tester Vugi seems to like them a lot 😀

Other Changes

  • Bosses now drop special weapons.
  • Merged Slashing, Piercing and Blunt damage type to Normal type.
  • Modified the rune generation so the damage types have specific properties.
    • Lightning – random damage.
    • Acid – stackable damage over time.
    • Poison – damage over time.
    • Fire – spreadable damage.
    • Chaotic – higher critical chance.
    • Ice – slow.
    • Necrotic – life steal.
    • Normal – normal I guess.
  • Buffed some base stats of generated runes.
  • Daily runs give 0 XP!
  • Removed the timer from the dungeon.
  • Changed the egg and bomb sprites.
  • Bomb’s radius increased.
  • Changed the desert dungeon’s sand color.
  • Added torches to the walls as a decoration.
  • Added sound to Wilson’s laser beam.
  • Notification appears when specter spawns.
  • Buffed the chill turret (Increased it’s fire rate and damage).
  • Silver chests appear from desert forward.
  • Some merchants now appear from desert forward.
  • Papa John can be used only once.
  • Companion eggs are now breakables… 30 charges per egg.
  • Updated the book of credits.
  • Fixed the enemies with pathfinding getting stucked in doors.
  • Random dungeon crashes fixed (I think so :D).
  • Fixed a bug where item preview shows even if player has inventory opened.

PS: Upcoming Saturday we’re going on Slovenian Games Conference! Can’t wait to show the other fellow game developers Reynard. I hope they’ll like it.

Expect more cool updates in the future and Reynard’s release on the steam! I Hope you like where the game is going.

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Fighting Platformer I Made For My Birthday In 5 Days

This Saturday I was celebrating my birthday. Because I wanted a different entertainment for my guests, I’ve decided to challenge myself by creating a fighting platformer game in 5 days.

I did it! It was a success! The characters are different versions of Reynard and the player’s main objective is to jump on the other players. I’ve added 4 maps and a support for 4 players, game modes deathmatch and team deathmatch, power ups extra life and a bullet with friendly fire enabled.

Friends really enjoyed this small fighting platformer game. Perhaps we”ll polish it and release it in the future 😀


birthday fighting platformer jumpy video game

Reynard Devlog #14 – Daily Runs and a House (0.8.5)

We’re turning up the heat! Daily runs have been added to Reynard!

Daily Runs

Previous week’s Wilson is doing awesome! Players like him! More boss patches will come in the future, but first we’ve decided to spice things up with daily runs!

Daily runs use a different dungeon seed on a daily basis, so in scope of 24 hours, you’ll always have an access to the same dungeon!

Once you die or finish the game, your score will be submitted online under name you’ve chosen in the profile selection menu! You’ll also see the leaderboard with the score of top 5 players!

In order to play the daily run, you have to enter Reynard’s house (more about the house down below), where you’ll find stairs to basement. If you interact with stairs, you’ll get to play the daily run!

Daily runs are fairly new in Reynard and will probably change! For example, I’m thinking of adding a cap of how many times you can play a daily run… And I kind of have a feeling that I’ll add that soon.

Reynard Daily Run Leaderboard

Reynard’s House

As mentioned above, I’ve added a house! Not only that it’s “cool” to walk around the house… It’s even more awesome to enter it!

In house you can find “The book of credits”, where you’ll find all the info about who created and helped creating Reynard’s universe, you can enter a daily run and in the future you’ll be able to read the bestiary, check profile stats, daily run stats and see your unlocked achievements.

Other Changes

Here are the other things that I’ve added, tweaked or fixed:

  • Added some particles when you destroy an object or kill an enemy.
  • Increased the chances of getting stamina or energy potions when breaking pots.
  • Reduced HP of pots. They are now broken with one hit.
  • Increased the small health potions HP heal to 1.
  • Increased the big health potions HP heal to 15.
  • Triple Bubble turrets CD reduced for 50%.
  • Fixed the ground decorations outside of rooms in the dungeons.

Update is live and kicking on!

Till next time! Try to beat me in the daily run!!! 😀

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Reynard Devlog #13 – Wilson (0.8.4)

New boss Wilson has arrived to Reynard’s dungeons!


Previous week we’ve released an “easier” boss Doctor Plague and now I’m presenting you Wilson! He’s a weird entity (big eyeball) accompanied by small “Willies” (little eyeballs).

Wilson deals chaotic damage and has a powerful energy beam attack! So you better be careful when you’re poking him in the eye!

Doctor Plague Buff

As mentioned previous week, I knew that I’ll have to buff the doctor… and so I did! He’s now roaming around cemetery raising skeletons!

Doctor plague update

Other Changes

I’ve added some decorations to the Dexter’s level and changed the whole progression through the dungeons. If you’ll want to save Prascilla you’ll have to go through:

  1. Basement dungeon
  2. Basement dungeon
  3. Boss
  4. Basement invasion
  5. Desert dungeon
  6. Desert dungeon
  7. Boss
  8. Desert invasion
  9. Winter dungeon
  10. Winter dungeon
  11. Boss
  12. Winter Invasion
  13. Final Boss

I think that the progression is more interesting this way… You have to face one more boss in the end, but you’ll progress through the dungeons faster! Other thing that I’ve changed is that special rooms like: Forge, Library, Shrine… are now populated also with different pots, traps and so on!

Update is alive and kicking on!

Till next time! Have fun POKING WILSON’S EYE!!! 😀

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Reynard Devlog #12 – Doctor Plague and More! (0.8.3)

Our fox is on a streak! We’re releasing another Reynard update! This week we’re bringing Doctor Plague to the party!

Doctor Plague

Some of our players complained that they can’t defeat our first boss Dexter because he’s too “difficulty”… Well… We don’t like nerfing stuff… But we can surely spice things up a little bit can’t we?

I kind of started designing Doctor Plague with a word “easy” in my mind, so that the players that have to get “git gut” could have a higher chance of reaching the second biome. But I don’t want to make the challenge too easy for the players. That’s why I’ve added some spicy moves to the Doctor Plague and I’m sure that we’ll have to balance him a little bit in the future updates.

Boss Orders

We’ve noticed that our players had a very happy reaction when we suggested that maybe each run the bosses should be picked randomly. That’s exactly what we did! Now when you fight your way through the dungeons, you’ll never know which boss you’re gonna face!

Other Changes

  • Fixed the Boom Joe! Effect zone didn’t clear its targets when disabled.
  • Added potion UI icons.
  • Acid Mick HP reduced from 5 to 3.
  • Boom Joe’s and Freezer Face’s charge range reduced from 4 to 3.
  • Removed the credits scene, will implement it rather in-game world.
  • Fixed the infinity punching with spamming special attack button when special weapon was equipped.

Till next time! Have fun slaying the bosses!

doctor plague fox plague reynard