When Hammlet’s wife Prascilla goes missing, Reynard immediately grabs his high-tech gauntlet and goes on an adventure. In order to rescue Prascilla from becoming “Goulash” and his home island Foen from an invasion, he has to defeat many vicious creatures and villains.


Reynard is a mixture of procedurally generated action RPG and a Tower Defense genre with roguelike elements. It has been influenced by classics such as Legend of Zelda and an indie classic – Binding of Isaac. It contains features such as:Countless proceduraly generated dungeons, TD maps and runes!

  • More than 200 different items!
  • Fast paced action against challenging enemies and bosses!
  • Progression through perk and blueprint system!
  • Simple yet cool crafting system!
  • Lovely story and companions!

Minimum Requirements

  • Gamepad is extremely recommended, but keyboard also works.
  • Intel Celeron p6100 @2.0 GHz
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • Windows 7, 8 , 10 64bit
  • Integrated graphics cards should suffice

Official website


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Space Cyclops

Space Cyclops is our product of having a “small” break on Pariah project. It’s a match 3 game!

Super Nova is going to destroy Space Cyclops planet! It’s your job to save them by teleporting them to another planet! You can teleport them by matching at least 3 of them!

Play through many levels and overcome different challenges in this wonderful cute match 3 puzzle game with beautiful graphics and relaxing music.

We do not belive in random connections which brings you bonuses in other games, you have to connect 4 or more Space Cyclops by yourself in row or column to get  a bonus Cyclop. Stones which cover cyclops are not fixed, they are there only to give you extra points not to bring you frustration.

Are you ready to set on a path of the rescue mission of cute space cyclops, before Super Nova destroys their planet?


● Different ways to play: Target Score, Timed Levels, Collection goal levels!
● Discover interesting Space Cyclops “lore” as you progress through the levels!
● Monsters and stones with special abilities that increase your teleport’s power!
● Different obstacles that will keep you challenged!
● New levels being added every week, completely FREE!
● Leaderboards to keep your friends informed about your awesome level scores or just to brag about your awesome level score!
● Easy progress sync between your devices when connected to Facebook!



Privacy Policy

May the game keep you entertained 😀


Team Hyper Fox Studios!

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Math Panda

Math panda is our first game!

Want to practice math? Let the Math Panda shake your world of mathematical equations. Bring your mathematical skills to next level with this simple game, and try to win all the available abacus as prizes.

Choose between additionsubtractionmultiplication and division, or group them as you wish. Levels suitable for each and every one, for kids to learn, for parents and others to have fun, and for those mathematical enthusiast who just have to break their head on hard calculations.


Compete with others, try to score as high as you can before you are defeated.

  • Range of number from 0-10, 0-100, 0-1000
  • Arrange your own group of mathematical equations
  • Easy level, max speed is locked, suitable for learning purposes
  • Medium and hard level, how fast can you calculate?
  • Hard level, you made a mistake! No second chances for you!

You can get it for free on google play!

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