Reynard Devlog #30 – Difficulty Modes, Leagues and Much More (1.0.1 & 1.0.2)

Hey there! It’s the first week after the release and I’m happy to say that I’ve pushed 2 updates already! I know it’s not Friday… I’m releasing this update one day earlier because I’ll probably start working on other things that might take more time.

Difficulty Modes

Some of the players told me that the game is very difficult. I just couldn’t keep them waiting, so I quickly created an update which introduced an easy mode. Now players can select the difficulty first time before they enter the dungeon or in the options menu.

Easy mode reduces buffed enemy count, removes boss scaling and adds some cool starting items to the player at the beginning of the run.

Normal stayed… well… Normal 😀 But I’ve also added a hard mode, which I don’t want to spoil too much.

More Achievements

Because I’ve introduced the difficulty modes and because they were proposed by the community I’ve added 18 more of them. You can check all the achievements here.


It wouldn’t be fair if players would be playing on a different difficulty and they’d be competing against each other on the same leaderboard. So leaderboard had to be split to 3 different ones:

  • Green League (Easy)
  • Orange League (Medium)
  • Indigo League (Hard)

Skeleton Mage

To spice things up on the hard mode I’ve added a new enemy. I hope you’ll like him ;D

Adding Skeleton Mage to the new Hard Mode

All Changes

  • [MAJOR] Added difficulty options easy and normal. Hard will be added later!
  • [MAJOR] Added a difficulty option Hard (I was just messing with you ;D)
  • [MAJOR] Added daily run leagues. Green (easy), Orange (normal) and Indigo (hard)!
  • [MAJOR] Added 18 new achievements!
  • [MINOR] You can’t build on occupied slot anymore. First you have to sell the building.
  • [MINOR] Damage taken by player is now colored red.
  • [ENEMY] Added a Skeleton mage (summoner). It appears on hard mode only!
  • [OPTION] You can now lock the frame rate to 144 or leave it uncapped.
  • [OPTION] Added an option to disable camera screen shake.
  • [OPTION] Added an option to disable damage numbers.
  • [BALANCING] Rebalanced the Gold boost relics.
  • [BALANCING] Reduced Ifrit’s staff knockback by 40%.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed 1 buggy room cells.

I wish you happy dungeon crawling 😀

leagues reynard

Reynard Devlog #29 – Full Release (1.0.0)

Reynard is a game that I made when I dared to call myself a full-time indie game developer, a product that I made with a help of a friend and a small awesome community that formed around it.

I could be chasing version 1.0 for months or even years. But everything has to have a goal or at least a major milestone, and my main goal was to release a game that captures elements of my favorite genres in a good way. I think that my goal was achieved. Reynard has left the early access and I can’t wait for your feedback.

All Changes and Epilogue

  • [MAJOR] Because scoring changed during the development, I’ve reset the leaderboards.
  • [MINOR] Grammar fixes.
  • [BALANCING] Further improved rune generation.
  • [BALANCING] Buffed Ifrit boot’s fire trail damage.
  • [BALANCING] Buffed Barbarian’s battle axe damage.
  • [BUGFIX] No more double item purchases from merchants.
  • [REMOVED] Golem’s hand.
  • [REMOVED] Copper plank.

This is not the end! It’s a major milestone. I’ll continue to add improvements proposed by the community and my “imagination”.

I can bet that I’ll have to squash undiscovered bugs in the future and I’m pretty sure that I’ll have to start freelancing or find myself another job if I want to keep paying bills 😀

I’d like to thank Boštjan, Nika and all the supporters! We did it! Thank you so much for staying with me on this journey. It’s been a hell of a ride but I’d do it all over again.

I really hope you like what Reynard has become. You can read about the whole journey here.

PS: I had to do this 😀



full release reynard

Reynard Devlog #27 – Ally Zombies, Ifrit’s Staff and More (0.9.8)

Sadly I was sick this week, but gladly I managed to prepare stuff for 0.9.8 version of Reynard! Only 2 more weeks from 1.0 😀

Ally Zombies

Vampire perk was underpowered! It is the most expensive perk after all and it just had to be buffed. Well I buffed it by adding an ally zombie to it!

Remember that if a zombie kills another enemy it will spawn another zombie. Same rule applies for an ally zombie. It can snowball insanely if you have companion relics.

To sum up the new vampire perk: 50% less health, 50% less stamina, start with an ally zombie and a vampiric rune (necro rune). To unlock the perk you’ll have to spend 20 boss coins!

Can’t stop playing with zombie companions 😀

Ifrit’s Staff

I don’t know if I can give credit to the fever or my imagination, but I had an urge to create a weapon that shoots fiery projectiles in every direction! Here’s the result – Ifrit’s Staff!

Ifrit’s Staff

Fresh Slimes

New Slimes

All Changes

  • [HUGE] Vampire perk’s price increased from 10 to 20. Start with a necrotic rune, zombie companion and 50% less health and stamina!
  • [WEAPON] Ifrit’s Staff.
  • [MINOR] New sprites for the slimes!
  • [MINOR] Buffed Doctor Plague’s 3rd stage (If he’s the last boss on your way to Wizco).
  • [MINOR] Added companion counter. Now you know how many companions you can have 😀
  • [MINOR] Added confirmation prompt before quiting or restarting.
  • [BALANCING] Nerfed Fire Spear’s damage over time.
  • [BUGFIX] Stamina again regenerates quicker in invasion and when the boss is defeated.
  • [BUGFIX] Enemies and bosses killed counters in “stats” should now be in sync with the achievements counter.
  • [BUGFIX] Skeleton companion now gets transfered between the scenes normally.
  • [BUGFIX] Damaged items like weapons and armors are now showing the correct value once you change the scene.

Until next week I wish you happy dungeon crawling 😀

ally zombies Fresh slimes ifrit's staff reynard

Reynard Devlog #25 – Damage Numbers, Zoe, Resolution Improvement and More (0.9.6)

Damage Numbers

Now you can see clearly what’s going on. How much damage you’re dealing, how much damage you’re receiving, if you’re getting healed etc.

In my opinion damage numbers give player a valuable feedback about what’s going on. In the future update I’ll add an option so you will still be able to disable them if you find them bothering.

Added some damage numbers! 


Besides all the special rooms that you can find in Reynard, I wanted to add another thing that would reward exploration.

That’s why I’ve added Zoe. She’s a cool owl which can reward you with different items. You’ll be able to summon her only if you trigger all the pressure plates in the level.


You can select the type of reward you want to receive based on the pressure plates you’ve triggered. Reward types are:

  • Armor
  • Companion / Ally
  • Relic
  • Rune
  • Weapon

Resolution Improvements

As the playerbase of Reynard is growing, I’m receiving more and more feedback. One of the fellow gamers told me that he had an issue with a resolution. He told me that he can’t normally see the whole cell of the dungeon.

I had no other options left, but to tackle the camera again, which lead me to upgrade the whole unity project to the newer version etc.

Now in dungeon all players have the same visible field. I solved this with leaving the game to the monitor’s native resolution and adding black bars to the screen. It works good and the game looks smoother than with an older camera settings!

All Changes

  • [HUGE] Camera rendering changed. The dungeons should now be normally visible on “unordinary” resolutions.
  • [FEATURE] Added damage and healing numbers!
  • [FEATURE] Added Zoe (an owl).
  • [FEATURE] Reynard’s house has been redecorated!
  • [SKIN] Those who will unlock the “pot hater” achievement will also unlock the “pot hater” skin! (Inpsired by the one and only – Link).
  • [MINOR] UI is now being rendered clearer.
  • [MINOR] Damage of “damage over time” effect now gets applied after a second and not instantly!
  • [MINOR] Invasion now also spawns water.
  • [MINOR] Added more invasion layouts.
  • [BALANCING] Buffed the waves and subwaves of the invasion.
  • [BALANCING] Nerfed the xeno turret’s attack rate.
  • [BALANCING] Nerfed Sizzle’s damage and increased his attack rate.
  • [BALANCING] Buffed Cobra’s attack rate.
  • [BALANCING] Buffed fire spear’s fire duration.
  • [BALANCING] Tweaked the generation of runes which deal damage over time.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed a lot of animator missing values.
  • [BUGFIX] Removed wooden club’s damage over time.
  • [BUGFIX] When moving up and left on keyboard Reynard was facing up. When moving up and right he was facing right. Now in both cases he faces up.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed the Judy’s arrow’s starting position.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed the Skeleton archer’s arrow’s starting position.
  • [BUGFIX] Changed Thunder Sword’s sprite.

Till next week happy dungeon crawling 😀

damage numbers new house resolution improvement zoe

Reynard Devlog #22 – Special Weapons and More (0.9.3)

Happy New Year!

Special Weapons

After watching some of my friends, youtubers and streamers play Reynard, I’ve noticed that they got “crappy” items or items that have the same functionality way too many times. It was an eye opening moment.

I’ve decided to rebalance some of the weapons. Remove the ones that are “underperforming” and most importantly create more special weapons which are fun to use.

Ifrit’s Boots

I’m not gonna go in full details who or what Ifrit is, but I can tell you that he’s a fiery being. Frequently he appears as a powerful ally in the games I love.

If Reynard gets his boots, he can activate them and spawn a fiery trail. His trail is limited to 10 flames. The flame count can be increased by 2 for each fire rune inserted into the boots.

Reynard Ifrit’s Boots

Jolt (Jolt Volt and Jolt Volt Bolt)

I was always impressed in other games with weapons or spells that have a chain lightning effect. I couldn’t wait any longer. It’s here in 3 forms. “Jolt”, “Jolt Volt” and “Jolt Volt Bolt” (More words == More Power) 😀

Testing “Jolt Volt Bolt” in Reynard

Luna’s Mirror

Foxes are known tricksters. So Reynard needed an item for fooling enemies. Behold the “Luna’s Mirror”. It spawns Reynard’s reflection which taunts the surround enemies.

All Changes

  • [WEAPON] Ifrit’s Boots. When you activate them, they spawn fiery trail!
  • [WEAPON] Added Luna’s mirror. It spawns a projection of the owner which taunts the enemies.
  • [WEAPON] Buster Sword. No explanation needed.
  • [WEAPON] Added Jolt, Jolt Volt and Jolt Volt Bolt – Items that shoot “chain lightning” like projectiles.
  • [HUGE] A lot of weapons have been rebalanced. Many “junk” weapons have been removed. Critical koeficient for every weapon is now minimum 2.
  • [MINOR] Rune slots are now displayed in a text form! Now you know how many rune slots a weapon has even if you’re purchasing it from a merchant.
  • [MINOR] You can now sell buildings in invasion. Added sfx when buying and selling.
  • [MINOR] Space button is now scaled correctly in the dialogue window.
  • [MINOR] Spider, spider webs and web traps have new skins!
  • [BALANCING] Bosses now have larger pool of dropabble “cool” items.
  • [BALANCING] Silver chest can now contain any item.
  • [BUGFIX] Bug where you could stay locked out should be fixed.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed the Runemaster perk. Runes get assigned correctly now.
  • [BUGFIX] Wave counter now gets updated correctly in the beginning.
  • [BUGFIX] If Ferdinand was attacked by a companion… Sometimes he wouldn’t trigger boulders.

Hope you like how the game is evolving. I’ll add more stuff and special weapons next week 😀

ifrit's boots jolt volt bolt luna's mirror special weapons

Reynard Devlog #21 – Racoon skin and More (0.9.2)

It’s holiday season and I’ve been busy… eating and hanging out with my family. But I didn’t forget about my fellow gamers!

Racoon Skin

To express my gratitude to early access supporters I’m including the Racoon’s skin to Reynard. Once Reynard is fully released the skin will become a DLC. Early access supporters will be able to claim it for free!

Here’s the skin in action:

Reynard Racoon Skin

All Changes

  • [FEATURE] Added a free Racoon for early access supporters.
  • [FEATURE] Added trapped breakables. When you break something (pots etc.) there is a chance of spawning a cursed weapon.
  • [MINOR] Main menu music now fades in instead of blowing out your ears 😀
  • [MINOR] Music volume gets reduced by 50% once the game is paused.
  • [BALANCING] Kitchen knife damage increased from 0.75 to 1.
  • [BALANCING] Necro Staff’s kill count before summoning an ally skeleton is reduced from 10 to 7.
  • [BUGFIX] All pots now add to pot breaker achievement.
  • [BUGFIX] Cursed fork can now damage companions.

As you can see, this was a shorter update since it’s holiday season and I’ve been busy. But I’ll prepare a bigger update next week 😀

See you in the next year!

racoon racoon skin reynard

Reynard Devlog #20 – Boss Noc, Ally Judy and More (0.9.1)

Darkness was missing and Noc is bringing it!


Till now the balance was in favor of Melee bosses. It would be wrong if it remained that way for a longer period. But it would be boring if the new Ranged boss would deal a “regular” ranged attack damage. That’s the reason I’ve created Noc.

Unlike other bosses he doesn’t have health dependent states! Noc is aggressive from the beginning. His mission is to chase Reynard and hit him with his darkening / ethereal fists. If Reynard get’s hit by his fist, his vision becomes limited.

Not only that he’s shooting dangerous projectiles, he’s also summoning cursed weapons!


Judy can now be rescued in the dungeons. She’s one of the most powerful allies. Her attack is shooting homing arrows from her arbalest towards her enemies. She has a fair amount of health and is currently my favorite ally!

via Gfycat

All Changes

  • [BOSS] New boss Noc joined Reynard!
  • [ALLY] Judy joined the ranks of allies!
  • [ENEMY] Added a Cursed sword.
  • [ENEMY] Added a Cursed forks.
  • [FEATURE] Some biomes can now have dark rooms!
  • [MINOR] Changed the description of the throwing spear.
  • [MINOR] Added SFX to various enemy and ally attacks.
  • [MINOR] Drake now has a nice death animation and projects fire projectiles from correct position.
  • [MINOR] Added SFX to “pawn” shrine.
  • [MINOR] Added death animations to mobs.
  • [MINOR] Crate buildings now display healthbars.
  • [MINOR] Water can now appear instead of the abyss – More biome variations,
  • [MINOR] Last hitting an enemy triggers mini camera shake.
  • [BALANCING] Necro Staff’s kill count before summoning an ally skeleton is reduced from 15 to 10. Its damage has been incresed from 1 to 1.3.
  • [BALANCING] Forest Child perk nerfed. It also takes 20% of player’s score and gold.
  • [BALANCING] Water Plate Armor’s durability increased to 50.
  • [BALANCING] Bubba’s prices and gap between them increased.
  • [BALANCING] Mumu’s explosion damage increased by 100%.
  • [BALANCING] Zombies’s damage increased by 50%.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed some cells where player directly runs into an obstacle or an object.
  • [BUGFIX] Changed the colliders of the water obstacles in dungeons.
  • [BUGFIX] Blind monk perk now influences vision on all levels… Invasion and bosses included.
  • [BUGFIX] Rotation of Bubble turret bullets has been fixed.

In the upcoming week I’ll focus on polishing stuff! I’ll probably add some map on the loading screen, so the player will know how far from saving Prascilla he is. I’ll try to add options to the ingame menu, fiddle with dungeon progression and as always… add a new enemy or ally.

Next Friday is after Christmas so I wish you a merry Christmas upfront 😀 Have fun beating Noc and Santa!

cursed enemy cursed fork cursed sword judy noc reynard sfx

Reynard Devlog #19 – Santa Boss, Zombies and More (0.9.0)

Ho-ho-ho! Christmas is around the corner and Santa has come to visit Foen!


Since it’s December and Christmas is around the corner I wanted to add some Christmas spirit to 
Reynard’s universe.

Luckily, last week Elthen came to the stream and said “hi” (He’s a fellow dude that draws some of the pixel art that we’re using in Reynard). I knew that I had an opportunity to influence his next drawing project and I kind of cheered for a fighting Santa. A week later Kung-fu Santa was made. So Elthen, thank you!

He became another boss influenced by the powerful Wizco’s magic! But you can bring him back to his senses if you free him from the spell (beat him). Players who can defeat him will be rewarded with Santa’s costume!

Santa is a first “seasonal boss” who can be fought from “12/12/Every Year” to “1/2/Every Year”. There will probably be more seasonal bosses in the future.

via Gfycat


Even though there are many enemies in Reynard, a zombie was a must! It fits into the dungeon environment perfectly!

Not only that; he’s good looking, he’s baddass… In a way. If you have any companions and the zombie kills them, they’ll turn into zombies!

He’s immune to necro and poison damage and is from now on a regular companion of Doctor Plague.

All Changes

  • [BOSS] Added a Santa Clause boss battle. Free him and unlock yourself a Santa’s costume. You can start the battle by interacting with the portal next to the fox hole. You’ll be able to fight Santa from 12/12/Every Year to 1/2/Every Year.
  • [ENEMY] Added a Zombie. Immune to poison and necro damage. When it kills its victim it restores 0.25 hp to itself and spawns a new zombie in its victim’s place.
  • [BALANCING] Doctor Plague now spawns Zombies and Skeletons. His movement speed was increased by 50%. He now has some companions from the beginning.
  • [MINOR] Removed a single pixel mistake on Reynard’s Santa costume 🙂
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed a bug where golems dropped golem’s fist instead of golem’s hand. (one is usable, the other is the actual weapon of the golem).
  • [BUGFIX] Wilson’s laser beam can now damage allies and companions.
  • [BUGFIX] Doctor Plague can now damage allies and companions.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed the bug when the stairs to secret room are spawned behind the indestructible objects.
  • [BUGFIX] Companion skeletons wouldn’t get transported to other levels.

In the upcoming week I’ll focus on boss battles, new enemies and new rooms! If you’d like to recommend anything, please let me know!

Till next time! Happy Santa saving 😀

battle boss defeat fight reynard Santa santa claus update

Reynard Devlog #18 – Tutorial, Death Cam, Chewie Companion, Skins and More (0.8.9)

Finally… A tutorial has been added. The game will now explains its basics in an “interactive” way.


When getting feedback from players, I’ve noticed that very few of them figured out all of the game’s mechanics.

Many players didn’t know that there is crafting in the game, that you can charge your attack or that your attacks don’t deal knockback once you run out of stamina.

That’s why I’ve finally created an interactive tutorial, which also adds some value to the story. Here’s its outcome (check Hammlet’s bruises in the featured photo).

Tutorial will start once you create a new profile.

Death Cam

I thought that it would be cool if you could see last 3 seconds of your life before you failed miserably. I’ve added an optional setting which enables GIF recorder… So you can have some laughs of your failed Prascilla rescue attempts.

On windows you’ll be able to find GIFs under: C:\Users\your_user\AppData\LocalLow\Hyper Fox Studios\Reynard

via Gfycat


Feedback for allies is positive and with this update we’re bringing in “Chewy”. He’s a demon-like creature which is immune to fire, deals fiery damage and when he’s not attacking he also breaks crates, pots and other breakable stuff. Which means that you won’t have to spend so much time and stamina on breaking stuff.

Here’s a gif from my testing session 😀


Since it’s Christmas season, I’m adding the skin which is Santa’s costume.

All Changes

  • [FEATURE] Tutorial section added. Every profile starts with a tutorial scene, which is skipable. Tutorial explains some of the lore so check it out 🙂
  • [FEATURE] You can now enable death camera. It will record 3 seconds before you died in a gif format.
  • [FEATURE] You can now change Reynard’s clothes… Santa’s costume added.
  • [ALLY] Chewy joined the ranks of allies!
  • [RECIPE] Golem’s Plate – Golem’s hand + Poor normal Armor Rune.
  • [INGREDIENT] Golem’s Hand – Dropped by golems.
  • [MINOR] Added SFX to forge, chest, bat, rat, item pickup, item drop.
  • [MINOR] Removed the “+” sign from weapon damage.
  • [MINOR] Added a darker “belt” of water around islands.
  • [MINOR] Edited the chapter of supporters.
  • [MINOR] XP slider not annoying anymore. It’s faster. Thank you VooGzy!
  • [BALANCING] Molten Helmet’s fire resist reduced from 100% to 75%.
  • [BALANCING] Buffed Ferdinand’s base attack damage from 1 to 1.5.
  • [BALANCING] Necro bow now shoots only 1 arrow has increase knockback, damage and crit chance.
  • [BALANCING] Bubba’s potion prices have been increased.
  • [BUGFIX] Removed Boom Joe from Foen and his immunity to ice.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed bugged acid rune.
  • [BUGFIX] Golden bomb now isn’t blown away from windy room.
  • [BUGFIX] Sometimes you could take items from shrine without paying.
  • [BUGFIX] Ferdinand’s SFX sound wouldn’t stop repeating in some case… even if you kill him.
  • [SPOILER ALERT!] Prascilla now appears back on the Island once you finish the game.

In the upcoming week I’ll focus on boss battles, new items and leaderboards… and bug fixes! If you’d like to recommend anything, please let me know!

Till next time! Happy dungeon crawling 😀

ally chewie death cam reynard skins tutorial

Reynard Devlog #17 – Ferdinand, Improved Armor Runes, Bugfixes and More (0.8.8)

This is our first update since releasing Reynard on Steam. We call him Ferdinand. He’s the meanest of them… for now.


Ferdinand (the Minotaur) fills the void of not having a boss with a big area of effect (AOE) attack. Just by looking at Ferdinand, players will know that he’s a “tanky” and an agile boss. He has a few tricks up his sleeve so players will have to be careful when taking him head on.

With Ferdinand I’ve tried to include more environment in the boss battles. So without any major spoilers… When you’re gonna be fighting him, try using environment in your advantage.

Improved Armor Runes

Until now armor runes were providing only bare defense against different damage types. With this update, I’m introducing improved armor runes, which can reflect damage, slow enemies, burn them or even boost Reynard’s movements speed when he’s attacked.

From watching gamers play Reynard on Youtube, I’ve learned that the armors are introduced a little too late in the game. Here lies the reason why I’ve decided to add “Pepe – The Armor Merchant” to the basement’s secret room’s rotation.

All Changes

  • [BOSS] New boss Ferdinand joined Reynard!
  • [RECIPE] Crafted Wooden Bow – Wooden Stick + Ordinary Rope.
  • [RECIPE] Bull’s Horns Helmet – Copper Plank + Poor Normal Armor Rune.
  • [RECIPE] Book of the Dead – Common Companion Boost + Common Max Health Boost.
  • [RECIPE] Necro Bow – Bone + Ordinary rope.
  • [IMPORTANT] Added ability to armor runes. They can now reflect the damage, slow the attacker or increase Reynard’s movement speed…
  • [IMPORTANT] Companions will now stay with you until they die or the run ends.
  • [IMPORTANT] Added a “second” secret to the Foen island.
  • [BALANCING] Necro Staff’s recipe changed to “Bone + Poor Necrotic Damage Rune” + Increased the crit chance to 1%.
  • [BALANCING] Pepe can now spawn in the basement dungeon.
  • [BALANCING] Cobra’s poison projectile doesn’t have spreadable damage anymore.
  • [BALANCING] Golem’s health type set from “Ice” to “Normal”.
  • [BALANCING] Modified the Bubba’s prices.
  • [MINOR] Added dialogue to the axe on the island (It sounds weird but it’s not :D).
  • [MINOR] Stamina now refils on each scene change.
  • [MINOR] Added Prascilla’s Idle animation.
  • [MINOR] Renamed some Bronze stuff to Copper.
  • [BUGFIX] “Return” button now works as a confirm.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed the bug when Wilson’s Beam wouldn’t stop playing when you die.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed the double confirm button press in the dialogue.

I’ll add the first player who figures out how to pull the axe out from the stump to the book of credits! 😀

Since many new players have joined Reynard community and there is no official tutorial, I hope to have started one for next update. Expect more cool recipes, bosses and updates in the future. If you’d like to recommend something, please let me know!

Till next time! Happy dungeon crawling 😀

armor runes boss Ferdinand fox fox game Minotaur reynard