Reynard Devlog #22 – Special Weapons and More (0.9.3)

Happy New Year!

Special Weapons

After watching some of my friends, youtubers and streamers play Reynard, I’ve noticed that they got “crappy” items or items that have the same functionality way too many times. It was an eye opening moment.

I’ve decided to rebalance some of the weapons. Remove the ones that are “underperforming” and most importantly create more special weapons which are fun to use.

Ifrit’s Boots

I’m not gonna go in full details who or what Ifrit is, but I can tell you that he’s a fiery being. Frequently he appears as a powerful ally in the games I love.

If Reynard gets his boots, he can activate them and spawn a fiery trail. His trail is limited to 10 flames. The flame count can be increased by 2 for each fire rune inserted into the boots.

Reynard Ifrit’s Boots

Jolt (Jolt Volt and Jolt Volt Bolt)

I was always impressed in other games with weapons or spells that have a chain lightning effect. I couldn’t wait any longer. It’s here in 3 forms. “Jolt”, “Jolt Volt” and “Jolt Volt Bolt” (More words == More Power) 😀

Testing “Jolt Volt Bolt” in Reynard

Luna’s Mirror

Foxes are known tricksters. So Reynard needed an item for fooling enemies. Behold the “Luna’s Mirror”. It spawns Reynard’s reflection which taunts the surround enemies.

All Changes

  • [WEAPON] Ifrit’s Boots. When you activate them, they spawn fiery trail!
  • [WEAPON] Added Luna’s mirror. It spawns a projection of the owner which taunts the enemies.
  • [WEAPON] Buster Sword. No explanation needed.
  • [WEAPON] Added Jolt, Jolt Volt and Jolt Volt Bolt – Items that shoot “chain lightning” like projectiles.
  • [HUGE] A lot of weapons have been rebalanced. Many “junk” weapons have been removed. Critical koeficient for every weapon is now minimum 2.
  • [MINOR] Rune slots are now displayed in a text form! Now you know how many rune slots a weapon has even if you’re purchasing it from a merchant.
  • [MINOR] You can now sell buildings in invasion. Added sfx when buying and selling.
  • [MINOR] Space button is now scaled correctly in the dialogue window.
  • [MINOR] Spider, spider webs and web traps have new skins!
  • [BALANCING] Bosses now have larger pool of dropabble “cool” items.
  • [BALANCING] Silver chest can now contain any item.
  • [BUGFIX] Bug where you could stay locked out should be fixed.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed the Runemaster perk. Runes get assigned correctly now.
  • [BUGFIX] Wave counter now gets updated correctly in the beginning.
  • [BUGFIX] If Ferdinand was attacked by a companion… Sometimes he wouldn’t trigger boulders.

Hope you like how the game is evolving. I’ll add more stuff and special weapons next week 😀

ifrit's boots jolt volt bolt luna's mirror special weapons