Reynard – Available on Steam

Finally we’ve reached the milestone of releasing Reynard on Steam 😀

Last month I’ve been preparing everything for releasing Reynard on Steam. From filling out forms, helping to create a new trailer, promoting on social media, contacting curators and creating a dedicated website for Reynard. This all took a fair amount of time.

But it’s finally done… It’s released on Steam and we can’t wait to get feedback from more users. We’re already planning on adding new stuff to the game and working on stuff proposed by current players.

If you purchased Reynard through you are able to obtain your Steam key from your purchase page! If you’re having any troubles obtaining your key, please let us know!

Oh! I forgot to mention that Reynard came on Steam with a 20% discount!

Have fun saving Prascilla 😀

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Slovenian Games Conference (SGC) 2018

Last Saturday we’ve visited slovenian games conference! It was awesome! We’ve seen many great games and met many cool people! We’ll visit SGC next year again for sure!

SGC is organized by the Slovenian Game Developers Association – Games Slovenia as an initiative to support and represent the Slovenian and regional games industry.

Hundreds of people with an interest for video games attended the conference. We were among them showcasing Reynard on the indie expo area!

Here are some photos from SGC.



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Fighting Platformer I Made For My Birthday In 5 Days

This Saturday I was celebrating my birthday. Because I wanted a different entertainment for my guests, I’ve decided to challenge myself by creating a fighting platformer game in 5 days.

I did it! It was a success! The characters are different versions of Reynard and the player’s main objective is to jump on the other players. I’ve added 4 maps and a support for 4 players, game modes deathmatch and team deathmatch, power ups extra life and a bullet with friendly fire enabled.

Friends really enjoyed this small fighting platformer game. Perhaps we”ll polish it and release it in the future 😀


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Reynard Devlog #13 – Wilson (0.8.4)

New boss Wilson has arrived to Reynard’s dungeons!


Previous week we’ve released an “easier” boss Doctor Plague and now I’m presenting you Wilson! He’s a weird entity (big eyeball) accompanied by small “Willies” (little eyeballs).

Wilson deals chaotic damage and has a powerful energy beam attack! So you better be careful when you’re poking him in the eye!

Doctor Plague Buff

As mentioned previous week, I knew that I’ll have to buff the doctor… and so I did! He’s now roaming around cemetery raising skeletons!

Doctor plague update

Other Changes

I’ve added some decorations to the Dexter’s level and changed the whole progression through the dungeons. If you’ll want to save Prascilla you’ll have to go through:

  1. Basement dungeon
  2. Basement dungeon
  3. Boss
  4. Basement invasion
  5. Desert dungeon
  6. Desert dungeon
  7. Boss
  8. Desert invasion
  9. Winter dungeon
  10. Winter dungeon
  11. Boss
  12. Winter Invasion
  13. Final Boss

I think that the progression is more interesting this way… You have to face one more boss in the end, but you’ll progress through the dungeons faster! Other thing that I’ve changed is that special rooms like: Forge, Library, Shrine… are now populated also with different pots, traps and so on!

Update is alive and kicking on!

Till next time! Have fun POKING WILSON’S EYE!!! 😀

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Enjin Coin – Cryptocurrency For Games

Cryptocurrencies are changing financial system and the way we build applications in front of our eyes. I believe that cryptocurrency Enjin coin will reshape a good portion of “In game purchases” in free to play games.

Problem of free to play games

Most of gamers are not game developers and many of them have no clue how much time and effort is put into making a game. Many of them don’t understand how sanity vapes away, when a developer runs into a problem which is bugging him for a day or two… and in the end… the problem is solved by placing brackets in the correct positions.

For an example in a model of free to play games which is very popular in mobile gaming, developers try to repay their work by showing ads to players or by trying to sell them virtual items. Usually the developers who try to monetize their games by showing ads, receive negative feedback. We all know that games should not serve as a medium for flashing player’s eyes with irrelevant ads (diaper, car, bank, etc)… They really break the whole gaming experience.

Some players say that they’d rather pay a 1$ or 2$ to remove ads from the game, but the problem is that not all developers on google play store can offer in app purchases. One of those reasons can be that they don’t live in a country where they could open google’s merchant account etc.

IAPs also have a downside. There’s always a middle man who takes a “fair” fee. For an example if you want to buy special golden virtual cookies in a “cookie baking” game, you will be redirected to visa’s or paypal’s page where you’ll have to authorize payment and pay them processing fee from 1-3%. Imagine doing that dozen of times… You’re loosing money!

Even when you become an owner of that virtual item, once you stop playing the game, you can’t do a thing with it. It would be really nice if you could trade or sell it. That’s where Enjin coin comes in.

Enjin coin

In my point of view the biggest benefits that Enjin coin can offer:

  • Trade between gaming items from different games.
  • Decentralized payment gateway with no middle-man.
  • Transparent transactions.
  • No fraud, chargebacks, or cancellations.
  • Minimal fees for blockchain transactions.
  • Conversion of virtual goods directly back to Enjin Coins.
  • Platform agnostic currency.

Can they succeed?

Success of idea is highly dependent on the number of people that are willing to accept and implement it. Enjin coin has a huge community. Their origin comes from Enjin, which is all-in-one platform for creation of Minecraft, guild or clan websites.

They had a successful ICO and are active and transparent about their work. They have become the first platinum sponsor of godot engine and are working on SDKs for Unity3D. Once the SDK for Unity3D will be released, I’m sure we’re gonna try it out.

So can they succeed? I think yes! But in the end only time will tell.

You can read more about Enjin coin on their website or whitepaper.


You can get Enjin coin on Kucoin and Binance.


What about your opinion? Please let me know in the comments down below.

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