Pariah: Anton – Generated grass biomes [screenshots]

I still didn’t find the time to write the whole progress report about Pariah, but I can say that in the evenings I’ve been practicing pixel art and during the daytime, I’ve been programming! Because ŇĹiga was late with his art work, I’ve imported my own creations to the generator and it produced couple of cool looking grass biomes ūüėÄ


Huge story teaser

Vegetation is pink because of the Artimoon.

We’ve also had a poll about which style would the players prefer to see in the ¬†released version of the game. Majority of people we asked… where n = 6, 4 said that they prefer the art style on the right (picture below).

Pariah tree art style





PS: I’m the author of the style of the “left” tree – which was used in the current biome generation and ŇĹiga modified it to his style on the “right”. I Will show the next screenshots with the modified style as soon as they are available ūüėÄ

Till then, ¬†stay pixely and if you’re interested in updates about our upcoming game Pariah, subscribe to our newsletter and check out our social media.





art pariah screenshots

Colors and tilesets in a “cyberpunk” game

In the past week, I was mainly focusing on color scheme and tilesets.

Because we are aiming for cyberpunk color scheme, I have selected¬†colors that can be combined to bring out that ‘neon’ shine with which we want to stand out.

Working with that kind of color scheme (very light and shiny), made me realize, that it will be hard to merge them all together. To much neon shine is exhausting for the eyes, to little and we lose the main aspect of our game design.

In the last days I was also facing another problem – using to much colors in one item. My new rule for the pixel art from now on is ‘less is more’. I have already applied this rule and the new color scheme to the ground tilesets.

My first selection ground tileset was too realistic, it contained very complex shapes and not so vibrant colors. It was great but not the tileset we are¬†looking for “Pariah”¬†game. I completely¬†changed my design, simplified it and applied¬†the new color scheme.

Tileset is almost complete, but I am still thinking of using gradients in the future.

old tile set

Old tileset

new tile set

new tileset

The journey of game art and design

Seeing our game Math Panda on google play store published, and most of all, my own graphics, made me really proud and hyped for the next project.

I was always only into programming. My work consisted of PHP development with Laravel framework and frontend technologies. Chasing that bits of code from one project to another made me always proud of my work and excited of doing it, but never fulfilled.

When I was developing my own wordpress template, I have realized that no matter how brilliant code I write, there is still a gap in my mind. Soon I realized that I want to dig deeper and start making my own art, graphics and designs. I started to learn drawing with my hands which made me more than excited. From sketch like 7 year old could make, I evolved my skills to something that I can be proud of. It was a time that I put that enthusiasm into computer graphics.

I came up with idea of making a first android game, called my friends and we organized “hackaton with a purpose of making our first android game. I wanted to create¬†my first game design. That’s the reason I started learning Affinity Designer, which is a great alternative for Adobe Illustrator. I managed to come up with all the graphics, including game design, icons and banners in only 2 weeks.


Seeing our game Math Panda on google play store published, and most of all, my own graphics, made me really proud and hyped for the next project. Not even a day passed by and Filip contacted me with a new idea for a game. He presented me the idea of making “Pariah: Anton” – an indie pixel based game.

Yessss. New challenge! Of course I will be a part of it. From my view this is a new opportunity to learn and make pixel art. For pixel graphics and animations I am currently using Pyxel Edit. Simple, yet powerful program for pixel art. Coming from vector graphics to pixels is a big change. Learning how pixels work, choosing positions and colours, shading, presenting more with less has become my daily routine. As hard as it seems, its my new thing! The thing which makes you wake up in the morning, which gives you purpose and meaning in your live.

Let the journey begin.

pixel dude

anton pariah pixel art