Reynard Devlog #21 – Racoon skin and More (0.9.2)

It’s holiday season and I’ve been busy… eating and hanging out with my family. But I didn’t forget about my fellow gamers!

Racoon Skin

To express my gratitude to early access supporters I’m including the Racoon’s skin to Reynard. Once Reynard is fully released the skin will become a DLC. Early access supporters will be able to claim it for free!

Here’s the skin in action:

Reynard Racoon Skin

All Changes

  • [FEATURE] Added a free Racoon for early access supporters.
  • [FEATURE] Added trapped breakables. When you break something (pots etc.) there is a chance of spawning a cursed weapon.
  • [MINOR] Main menu music now fades in instead of blowing out your ears 😀
  • [MINOR] Music volume gets reduced by 50% once the game is paused.
  • [BALANCING] Kitchen knife damage increased from 0.75 to 1.
  • [BALANCING] Necro Staff’s kill count before summoning an ally skeleton is reduced from 10 to 7.
  • [BUGFIX] All pots now add to pot breaker achievement.
  • [BUGFIX] Cursed fork can now damage companions.

As you can see, this was a shorter update since it’s holiday season and I’ve been busy. But I’ll prepare a bigger update next week 😀

See you in the next year!

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