Reynard Devlog #23 – Balancing, New Weapons and More (0.9.4)

It’s not the first time and definitely not the last time I’ll have to do some balancing.


As said in our “Why early access?” section on steam we want to involve our early access supporters in development of the game.

Stamina Regeneration

Because it’s not the first time that we’ve received a proposal for stamina to regenerate itself instantly once you clear the room, we’ve added this feature.

Health Regeneration

Some of our players also pointed out that they don’t see much sense in waiting for their health to regenerate if they have a health regeneration relic. They see it as an exploit. After thinking about it for some time, I’ve decided that they’re right and that the relic should be removed. So it’s gone… for now 😀

Daily Runs and Scoring

The whole point of the daily run is to achieve the highest score. Until now if you didn’t die… you could clear every room and in the end your score would be very similar to your rival’s score.

That’s why from now on speed and remaining gold is being rewarded. If you complete a run under 40, 30 or 25 minutes you’ll get 10000 bonus score for each mark. Also at the end of the run remaining gold now gets transformed into a score.


Titan’s Belt

It can spawn up to 4 circling discs around Reynard that stun and hurt attackers.

Titan’s Belt in action

Luna’s Cloak

Makes Reynard invisible for 5 seconds. Invisibility stops if you attack.

Luna’s Cloak in action

All Changes

  • [WEAPON] Titan’s Belt. Can spawn up to 4 circling discs around Reynard that stun and hurt attackers.
  • [WEAPON] Luna’s Cloak. Become invisible for 5 seconds. Invisibility stops if you attack.
  • [HUGE] Stamina refills when transitioning through doors. Regeneration rate is increased when you clear the room, you’re waiting for the next wave or you defeat the boss.
  • [MINOR] Wind can’t spawn in forge rooms anymore.
  • [MINOR] Added confetti to the win screen.
  • [MINOR] Repositioned the HP bar of Xeno turret.
  • [MINOR] Removed HP regeneration relics.
  • [MINOR] Minor modification to Foen’s island shape.
  • [MINOR] Added a tiny easter egg.
  • [MINOR] Added more supporters to the book of credits.
  • [MINOR] Speed is now being rewarded! If you complete a run under 40, 30 or 25 minutes you’ll get 10000 bonus score for each mark.
  • [MINOR] At the end of the run remaining gold gets transformed into score.
  • [BALANCING] Buffed the Ifrit’s boot’s fire damage and spread duration.
  • [BALANCING] Reduced starting max stamina to 20.
  • [BALANCING] Enemy loot drops in invasion are halved.
  • [BUGFIX] Goblins don’t steal from player when hitting his allies.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed lifestealing from corpses.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed jittering of a special weapon image on a HUD.
  • [BUGFIX] Falling Boulders now deal normal damage instead of fire.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed 10 room cells that displayed water in a weird way.

Next week I’ll heavily focus on boss scaling, balancing, polishing and more.

Happy dungeon crawling 😀

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Reynard Devlog #17 – Ferdinand, Improved Armor Runes, Bugfixes and More (0.8.8)

This is our first update since releasing Reynard on Steam. We call him Ferdinand. He’s the meanest of them… for now.


Ferdinand (the Minotaur) fills the void of not having a boss with a big area of effect (AOE) attack. Just by looking at Ferdinand, players will know that he’s a “tanky” and an agile boss. He has a few tricks up his sleeve so players will have to be careful when taking him head on.

With Ferdinand I’ve tried to include more environment in the boss battles. So without any major spoilers… When you’re gonna be fighting him, try using environment in your advantage.

Improved Armor Runes

Until now armor runes were providing only bare defense against different damage types. With this update, I’m introducing improved armor runes, which can reflect damage, slow enemies, burn them or even boost Reynard’s movements speed when he’s attacked.

From watching gamers play Reynard on Youtube, I’ve learned that the armors are introduced a little too late in the game. Here lies the reason why I’ve decided to add “Pepe – The Armor Merchant” to the basement’s secret room’s rotation.

All Changes

  • [BOSS] New boss Ferdinand joined Reynard!
  • [RECIPE] Crafted Wooden Bow – Wooden Stick + Ordinary Rope.
  • [RECIPE] Bull’s Horns Helmet – Copper Plank + Poor Normal Armor Rune.
  • [RECIPE] Book of the Dead – Common Companion Boost + Common Max Health Boost.
  • [RECIPE] Necro Bow – Bone + Ordinary rope.
  • [IMPORTANT] Added ability to armor runes. They can now reflect the damage, slow the attacker or increase Reynard’s movement speed…
  • [IMPORTANT] Companions will now stay with you until they die or the run ends.
  • [IMPORTANT] Added a “second” secret to the Foen island.
  • [BALANCING] Necro Staff’s recipe changed to “Bone + Poor Necrotic Damage Rune” + Increased the crit chance to 1%.
  • [BALANCING] Pepe can now spawn in the basement dungeon.
  • [BALANCING] Cobra’s poison projectile doesn’t have spreadable damage anymore.
  • [BALANCING] Golem’s health type set from “Ice” to “Normal”.
  • [BALANCING] Modified the Bubba’s prices.
  • [MINOR] Added dialogue to the axe on the island (It sounds weird but it’s not :D).
  • [MINOR] Stamina now refils on each scene change.
  • [MINOR] Added Prascilla’s Idle animation.
  • [MINOR] Renamed some Bronze stuff to Copper.
  • [BUGFIX] “Return” button now works as a confirm.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed the bug when Wilson’s Beam wouldn’t stop playing when you die.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed the double confirm button press in the dialogue.

I’ll add the first player who figures out how to pull the axe out from the stump to the book of credits! 😀

Since many new players have joined Reynard community and there is no official tutorial, I hope to have started one for next update. Expect more cool recipes, bosses and updates in the future. If you’d like to recommend something, please let me know!

Till next time! Happy dungeon crawling 😀

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Reynard Devlog #12 – Doctor Plague and More! (0.8.3)

Our fox is on a streak! We’re releasing another Reynard update! This week we’re bringing Doctor Plague to the party!

Doctor Plague

Some of our players complained that they can’t defeat our first boss Dexter because he’s too “difficulty”… Well… We don’t like nerfing stuff… But we can surely spice things up a little bit can’t we?

I kind of started designing Doctor Plague with a word “easy” in my mind, so that the players that have to get “git gut” could have a higher chance of reaching the second biome. But I don’t want to make the challenge too easy for the players. That’s why I’ve added some spicy moves to the Doctor Plague and I’m sure that we’ll have to balance him a little bit in the future updates.

Boss Orders

We’ve noticed that our players had a very happy reaction when we suggested that maybe each run the bosses should be picked randomly. That’s exactly what we did! Now when you fight your way through the dungeons, you’ll never know which boss you’re gonna face!

Other Changes

  • Fixed the Boom Joe! Effect zone didn’t clear its targets when disabled.
  • Added potion UI icons.
  • Acid Mick HP reduced from 5 to 3.
  • Boom Joe’s and Freezer Face’s charge range reduced from 4 to 3.
  • Removed the credits scene, will implement it rather in-game world.
  • Fixed the infinity punching with spamming special attack button when special weapon was equipped.

Till next time! Have fun slaying the bosses!

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Reynard Devlog #1

In previous blog post I was writing about our Pariah progress and why we decided to work on another game instead. From now on there will only be progress reports for Reynard project.

I’m gonna try to keep these progress reports short and simple 😀

Reynard’s Story

Reynard is a human-like fox who works as a ranger. One day all the children from the “animal” town went missing and because of his personal reasons he decides to travel the world to find them. And that’s all I’ll ever probably write about the story before the release 😀

Art update

For now we’re using some sprites that we could find / buy on opengameart or Even though we already had a dummy art for the main character I decided to replace him with a “bigger” one. The reason lies behind the fact, that we’ll have to draw our own main character which will be larger than our previous “blonde dude”, and I needed something to visualize how his size will fit in with an art.

Feature update

Our character can now:

  • Attack with a sword,
  • Cast a “spell” or throw something,
  • Dash

Besides that I was working on different systems which still aren’t visible in video below, but are working as intended. Some of those systems are:

  • Health system,
  • Stamina system,
  • Weapon system,
  • Perception system

Enough with the words… It’s video time 😀

Next week I’ll probably work on a simple AI system or maybe on interactable items like treasure chests, locked doors or something similar.

Another thing that always surprises me is pixel perfection in Unity3D. Setting up a camera that satisfies my “pixly” eyes is not so easy in an engine that was originally made for 3d games. So I have no doubt that eventually I’ll tackle this problem sooner or later.

If you have any questions or opinions please feel free to express them in the comments down below.



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