Beginning of our indie games development journey

I always saw video games as a form of art. To me, video games are one the most powerful mediums to present stories and trigger emotions. I’ll always recall when I got my first console and a game with it. The game was no other than “Super Mario World” which pulled me in the gaming world very, very deep. It just felt awesome when you woke up on the saturday morning, invited your friends to come over and spent the whole day talking and smashing controller’s buttons while playing video games. There wasn’t a week when one of your friends didn’t show you a new trick he pulled out in a game, a new easteregg he discovered or highscore he set.

Anyway… “I grew up”, discovered my passion besides gaming (programming), finished college where I met 3 awesome dudes, found a steady IT job, worked for a while, discovered that I’m not satisfied in my job, quit my job and finally decided that I want to give myself a chance as a freelance web developer or as an indie game developer.

At that time, I realized that this is probably going to be a rare opportunity in a lifetime to fully dedicate my working hours to something that I really want to do. It was a time when a friend (Žiga) called me and proposed a hackaton saturday at his place. I was hyped.

On this little hackaton, we decided to create a simple mobile game, which helps kids to learn Math (Math Panda). We finished the whole project in 2 weeks and published it in a google play store. We were proud.

The whole experience of cooperating in a game development with other friends made me feel awesome. Because of that feeling and a feeling that we can develop games faster and better if we cooperate, I dared to imagine something bigger… I told my friends about the next project… and now here we are for the next 5-6 months, trying to make another game.

The next post will be about the “Pariah: Anton” – our next game. If you want to stay updated about our progress, subscribe to our newsletter in the sidebar.

Pariah: Anton

Filip Djeze Bartus – programming, story

Žiga Koračin – art, graphics

Patrick Andreas Škarjot – music, sfx

Boštjan Gotar – other game


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