Reynard Devlog #1

In previous blog post I was writing about our Pariah progress and why we decided to work on another game instead. From now on there will only be progress reports for Reynard project.

I’m gonna try to keep these progress reports short and simple πŸ˜€

Reynard’s Story

Reynard is a human-like fox who works as a ranger. One day all the children from the “animal” town went missing and because of his personal reasons he decides to travel the world to find them. And that’s all I’ll ever probably write about the story before the release πŸ˜€

Art update

For now we’re using some sprites that we could find / buy on opengameart or Even though we already had a dummy art for the main character I decided to replace him with a “bigger” one. The reason lies behind the fact, that we’ll have to draw our own main character which will be larger than our previous “blonde dude”, and I needed something to visualize how his size will fit in with an art.

Feature update

Our character can now:

  • Attack with a sword,
  • Cast a “spell” or throw something,
  • Dash

Besides that I was working on different systems which still aren’t visible in video below, but are working as intended. Some of those systems are:

  • Health system,
  • Stamina system,
  • Weapon system,
  • Perception system

Enough with the words… It’s video time πŸ˜€

Next week I’ll probably work on a simple AI system or maybe on interactable items like treasure chests, locked doors or something similar.

Another thing that always surprises me is pixel perfection in Unity3D. Setting up a camera that satisfies my “pixly” eyes is not so easy in an engine that was originally made for 3d games. So I have no doubt that eventually I’ll tackle this problem sooner or later.

If you have any questions or opinions please feel free to express them in the comments down below.



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