Reynard Devlog #5 – Minimap, HUD, Boomerang, Flames…

In previous devlog I showed you some progress on dungeons and today I can show you the basic minimap and some other cool stuff!

Feature update

Because we’re not that hardcore that we would leave our Reynard to wander around the dungeons without a minimap, we have decided to add it. Current version of the minimap is basic and it shows the locations of various rooms (locked, treasure and boss rooms). It also colors the room where the player is located with an orange color. We’re still discussing if the minimap should be an obtainable item, a perk or included by default. My personal opinion is that it would be cool if player had to put some effort to unlock it. What is your opinion?

I’ve updated the HUD which now displays melee and ranged weapons. If you check out the video, you can see that there is a third slot, which is reserved for special items. In the future we’ll be adding bombs and other items. Health and stamina bars have also been updated. They were improved with “normal” colors and numbers. Numbers will help the player to accurately plan his next moves.

We were thinking about how we could inform the player if he can interact with something.  In the end we decided to go with a classic bulb bubble.

While play testing the game I really got tired of shurikens… that’s what drove me to create a boomerang. I still can’t believe how such a simple item can boost developers motivation to keep on developing the game. It is quite basic, but fun.

Next thing we added were flammable objects! Flammable objects loose health over time and the fire can spread easily between them.

Under the hood, I was working on resolution and canvas scalers and some other “black box” systems.


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