Reynard Devlog #11 – Pawn shrine, Buffed enemies, Potion Hotkeys… (0.8.2)

Another week, another Reynard update! Last week we released the “Merchants” update and this week we’re introducing you to the pawn shrine, buffed enemies and potion hotkeys!

Pawn Shrines

On your quest through dungeons, you will hoard a lot of items. Some of them will be useful, others not so much and because of Reynard’s limited item carrying capabilities you’ll want to drop the “not so good” items to free up some space in your inventory. It would be a shame if those items would just be left on the dungeon floor. Here lies the reason we’ve created the pawn shrine!

The Pawn shrine is a shrine similar to the Forge shrine. You step on the Pawn shrine and drop the item on it. Mysterious powers will grant you some gold in return for your item.

Buffed Enemies

To spice things up in the dungeons, we’ve decided to add buffs to enemies! For now enemies can be buffed in 4 stats!

  • Max health buff.
  • Health regen buff.
  • Damage buff.
  • Movement speed buff.

Potion Hotkeys

We know that in the middle of battle, opening up the inventory and drinking potions was really annoying. That’s why we’ve added hotkeys! A visual indicator is still not available, but we’re planning to add it ASAP. The hotkeys will select the most powerful potion in your inventory and leave the weakest potions for last. The default keys are:
  • “1” or “Dpad-UP” – Use health potion.
  • “2” or “Dpad-RIGHT” – Use stamina potion.
  • “3” or “Dpad-LEFT” – Use energy potion.

Other Changes

  • Modified leprechaun perk, you now earn 20% less score.
  • Modified blind monk perk, you deal 20% more damage.
  • Silver key shrine now takes only gold.
  • Thin blade now deals slashing damage instead of blunt.
  • 200 additional experience gained if the whole dungeon with secret room included is cleared.
  • Added buffed enemies. The more dungeons you clear in the run the more buffed enemies will spawn.
  • Modified the health bar. Now it also displays the type of buff the enemy has.

PS: 3 days till giveaway ends! We’re giving away 3 keys for Reynard! You can enter the giveaway here. Till the next time! Have fun exploring the dungeons 😀

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