Space Cyclops

Space Cyclops is our product of having a “small” break on Pariah project. It’s a match 3 game!

Super Nova is going to destroy Space Cyclops planet! It’s your job to save them by teleporting them to another planet! You can teleport them by matching at least 3 of them!

Play through many levels and overcome different challenges in this wonderful cute match 3 puzzle game with beautiful graphics and relaxing music.

We do not belive in random connections which brings you bonuses in other games, you have to connect 4 or more Space Cyclops by yourself in row or column to get  a bonus Cyclop. Stones which cover cyclops are not fixed, they are there only to give you extra points not to bring you frustration.

Are you ready to set on a path of the rescue mission of cute space cyclops, before Super Nova destroys their planet?


● Different ways to play: Target Score, Timed Levels, Collection goal levels!
● Discover interesting Space Cyclops “lore” as you progress through the levels!
● Monsters and stones with special abilities that increase your teleport’s power!
● Different obstacles that will keep you challenged!
● New levels being added every week, completely FREE!
● Leaderboards to keep your friends informed about your awesome level scores or just to brag about your awesome level score!
● Easy progress sync between your devices when connected to Facebook!



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May the game keep you entertained 😀


Team Hyper Fox Studios!

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