Reynard Devlog #15 – Achievements, Unlockables, New NPCs and Much More (0.8.6)

It’s been a while since I’ve released a new update for Reynard! I’ve been working on it every day… This game dev log is about an update bigger than any other (till now)! It brings achievements, unlockables, allies, new enemies and much more!

Achievements and Unlockables

I focused on elements for triggering “one more round” effect. Here lies the reason why I’ve added achievements and a new “unlockables” system.

If you’d like to check out your achievement progress you can enter Reynard’s house and interact with a bookshelf. Achievements window will pop up and show you your current progress. Once you fulfill the requirements for unlocking the achievement, you’ll get notified about it by a notification message. Currently there are 18 achievements such as: “Prascilla I’m coming!”, “Exterminator”, “Speed runner”, “Blacksmith” and more.

I think that achievements add a nice “replay” value to the game.

Achievements panel.

Other major thing that I’ve redesigned is the weapon drop system. Every player profile starts with a basic pool of weapons that can appear in the chests. Everytime you level up, this pool expands with better weapons.

New NPCs

To spice things up, I’ve added some new NPCs. Not one, but 4!


  • Goblin is really fast and always in a group. He can steal player’s gold. They can be found in “stair” rooms.
  • Dwarf is powerful, fast and deals a massive knockback. Usually found in the winter’s dungeon.


Sometime you’ll stumble upon an adventurer or a fairy… Tied all up… Left for dead. Heck… If you’re not fast enough, the enemies will kill these poor tied up victims. But if you save them, they’ll follow you and help you through dungeon.

  • Max is an adventurer with a sword, with a solid amount of health.
  • Fairy is… well… fairy. Save her and she’ll slowly heal you.

I think that I’ll be adding more allies in the future… Tester Vugi seems to like them a lot 😀

Other Changes

  • Bosses now drop special weapons.
  • Merged Slashing, Piercing and Blunt damage type to Normal type.
  • Modified the rune generation so the damage types have specific properties.
    • Lightning – random damage.
    • Acid – stackable damage over time.
    • Poison – damage over time.
    • Fire – spreadable damage.
    • Chaotic – higher critical chance.
    • Ice – slow.
    • Necrotic – life steal.
    • Normal – normal I guess.
  • Buffed some base stats of generated runes.
  • Daily runs give 0 XP!
  • Removed the timer from the dungeon.
  • Changed the egg and bomb sprites.
  • Bomb’s radius increased.
  • Changed the desert dungeon’s sand color.
  • Added torches to the walls as a decoration.
  • Added sound to Wilson’s laser beam.
  • Notification appears when specter spawns.
  • Buffed the chill turret (Increased it’s fire rate and damage).
  • Silver chests appear from desert forward.
  • Some merchants now appear from desert forward.
  • Papa John can be used only once.
  • Companion eggs are now breakables… 30 charges per egg.
  • Updated the book of credits.
  • Fixed the enemies with pathfinding getting stucked in doors.
  • Random dungeon crashes fixed (I think so :D).
  • Fixed a bug where item preview shows even if player has inventory opened.

PS: Upcoming Saturday we’re going on Slovenian Games Conference! Can’t wait to show the other fellow game developers Reynard. I hope they’ll like it.

Expect more cool updates in the future and Reynard’s release on the steam! I Hope you like where the game is going.

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