Web development

We develop websites, webshops and applications that are tailored for you and your business. Every project is unique and we’re taking a wholesome approach in its creation. We lead you through the whole process in bringing your idea to life. After its creation we provide you long term support. A good website is a must for a good image of you!

We create websites, webstores, custom web applications and more!

Our process of creation

1. Meeting

First we have a meeting usually via Skype. On meeting we gather as much of information about the project as we can. We discuss your goals and objectives.

After the meeting we will send you a questionnaire about your business and your goals. More information we have, the better the finished product.

2. Quote

Once we have all your requirements, we’ll send you a full proposal for our services where we may include additional elements that would work well for your website.

3. Initial concept and wireframe

When you confirm our proposal and once we have enough information we do our own research. We’ll analyze your competitors, do a keyword research of your relevant customers. We’ll take a look of dozens of different websites and after that we’ll design an initial concept – a wireframe.

4. Design

In the design stage once you confirm the layout of your website we’ll create a mockup where we transform sketches and wireframe into your website. Once we’re finished with the design we’ll show it to you and walk you through it.

5. Feedback

Once you’ve seen the design we discuss if everything is good or you want to change anything. In this step you have an opportunity to let us know if we missed out any key information so we can add it before we start programming.

6. Programming and integration

We bring the design to life using tools as: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and other. Integrate your website with services that you need etc.

7. Content and plugins

We insert the initial content and configure emails, various plugins and more.

8. Quality assurance

We will run tests if the website is working as it should and fix any bugs we discover. Test the website in different browsers, optimize its speed, test it on different viewports and more.

9. Education

We show you how you can manage the content of your website.

10. Publishing

We publish it on a server (we also offer hosting), submit sitemap to google search console

11. Support

We provide support for our clients which takes care for your product, takes care of any errors and is responsive. We’re always available for modifications and additional site updates.


We are sure that we can bring your idea to life! Do not hesitate to contact us!

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